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This review of Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630 is a good idea to determine when you are looking for high performance and modern looking iron. We found that most customers want basic characteristics at a lower price. We have therefore tested this model for best sales and you are thoroughly reviewed here. We liked it a lot but we don’t like a couple of things. See its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages before you reach the conclusion.

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Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630 Review (Latest):

In this website about Best Steam Irons 2020 now we explain on the sleek design and professional look of Russel Hobbs ulta 20360. You will assume that the price cap will not be very advanced; you can look at the features below. The ceramic soleboard does not only enhance glittering smoothness, but also provides the fabric with a perfect finish. The unique design of the plates to promote ironing separates it from the crowd. Also suitable for grip and handling.

Included in our expert review:

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Table of Contents



  • Sunflower Ceramic
  • 3100 watts maximum power
  • Water fired continuously and erupted
  • Role of water spray
  • Switch-off function automatically:
  • Works anti-drip
  • Click groove Tapered tip
  • Damping Vertical
  • Self-cleaning of three actions
  • Suitable cable length
  • wide 350 ml water tank


The Ultra Iron 20630 power staff works efficiently and effortlessly glides over cloth, so that a stack of ironing will come across very easily. It has a steam shot of 210 g that is suitable for rough textiles such as denim. In view of the large quantities of steam created by this iron, the water chamber may have to be refilled quite often.

The iron can also be used with standard UK tapwater, so that special ironing water does not have to be used. It has an auto-cleaning feature to avoid the build-up of scales. There are some great features of the Powersteam Ultra Iron 20630, including an auto-off-feature that automatically turns the iron off if you forget about that.

3100 watts:

You need not worry about the steam generation capacity of this iron with 3,100 watts of power rating. You can also be sure that in shorter period of time, you can achieve high temperature. This ensures that the ironing can begin as soon as possible.

Smooth Ceramic soleplate:

Smooth Ceramic soleplateContent from ceramic plates generally provides smooth gliding and lower strength than in stainless steel. This model has a flat, steam hollow ceramic base. It is suitable even for heavy wrinkles for all types of fabrics and glides. As a result, the garments are done perfectly. A smooth surface ensures also less friction, so that no effort is needed to move iron over the tissue.

3100-watt power:

3100-watt power

Steam iron is 3100 watt in Russell Hobbs ultra 20630 which is 77.14 percent more than the steam iron of Rowenta DW 7180. In a few seconds, instead of minutes, this power rating heats up the iron.

You’re not going to have to wait for hot iron any longer. It heats up 15 percent faster than other steam irons. Furthermore, because of quick solar heating, steam is generated quickly.


The Ultra Iron 20630 is one of the strongest Irons you get for less than £ 50 with some minor flaws. It would match the average household great budget steam iron.

Continuous and burst steam shot:

Continuous and burst steam shot

This model delivers continuous steam output at 45 grams per second, if you iron a big pile of clothes or just a longer. It offers powerful steam explosion at 210 G / min, in addition to the constant supply of steam, which helps to control hardest wrinkles.

For everyday fabrics this vapor rate is more than enough. Depending on your choice you can choose the alternative. You will realize that 45 is much higher when you look at the constant capacity of steam generation in this iron. This means that for most fabrics too, it is more than adequate. This helps you to use the iron on regular basis.

Water spray feature:

Water spray featureThe button sprinkle is near the handle, which sprinkles water on the fabric rather than steam. Many wrinkles are not covered by steam. 

This method can be used in these cases. Then press the wrinkles at optimal temperature and the finish fabric will become smooth.

Sufficient capacity of the water tank:

The size of the water tank is 350 ml as well. This means that steam can be produced without any problems for much longer period of time. Before you start ironing, you must always make sure the tank is completely loaded.

Automatic switch-off function:

Automatic switch-off function

It is a feature that automatically disables the iron when you forget to disable it. This function is present in nearly all steam iron, and is suitable for busy families, who run out to the door at all times.

This feature saves life and is highly efficient according to the users. Our protection check also follows this pattern.

Anti-scal feature:

This antiscal nature also prevents some form of iron deposition. So the steam hole is always open too, so you can get strong steel from iron much easier.

Tapered tip with button groove:

Button groove

The model’s revolutionary single plate architecture is designed to facilitate workflows. There are two main features to address here.

Tapered tip: It has a point tip that helps iron in areas such as plates, bags, buttons and fastenings which are difficult to reach. In the Rowenta steam iron models this tip can also be viewed. This feature is useful and saves ironing time.

Button groove:

Soleplate has on both sides the button cut-outs to allow the fabric to press buttons. Such grooves have been designed especially to iron the attachments around fabrics and offer professional finish to clothing. It’s great to put buttons or sticks in and around.

Vertical steaming:

The ability to generate vertical steam also ensures that you can easily iron the curtains. As consequence, without removing it, you can iron the curtains.

We’ve also found that because of its heavy weight you can not use it as a dressing steamer for longer periods. It is therefore a fair overall choice for a shorter period.

Triple action self-cleaning:

It is the same as an anti-calcium characteristic, which prevents calcium and other minerals from being deposited inside the sole. This model has an anti-scale cartridge for the triple-action device, which stops insoluble salts from entering. The autocleaning feature often accompanies the removal of any accumulated salt by a burst of steam. The dedicated button for cleaning is available on it. It means the iron will last longer when properly handled.

Adequate cord length of 3m:

Cord 3mYou can rest assured that with a 3 m long cord you can easily reach the nearest electrical socket. The location of the ironing board does not have to be a matter of concern.

The length of the cord in comparison to other models is regular. It is more than most models in Rowenta that just have ft cord. or 9.8 ft is enough. You can also use extension wire if you have socket away from the iron board.


A large water tank of 350 ml:

water tank of 350 mlTechnical indicators of steam output are the capacity of the water reservoir. The more capacity is simple rule, the lower the frequency for refilling. The model has large water tank of 350ml (11.85 Oz). It takes 30 minutes to produce steam continuously.



  • Room to produce vertical steam.
  •  It’s meters in length. 
  • The 210 has explosive power generation. 
  • It has sufficient capacity for the water tank. 
  • model that is antiscal. 
  • Thirty-one hundred words of power. 
  • Model minimalist. 
  • The journey is quick.

Similar irons:

While the Ultra Iron 20650 Powersteam provides great value for money, some less costly options are available. With a strength of 2000 wats and a steam output of 35 grams per minute, Morphy Richards turboteam iron with diamond soleplate is an economical iron. This is a little lighter than the Ultra Iron 20630 Powersteam at 1.2 kg instead of 1.6 kg.

The Russell Hobbs Professional Iron 21370, which is quite similar to the iron examined here, is also cheap way to use. With 40 continuous steam and steam of 145 the company has 2600 watts of power.


All the above features are checked and analyzed. It has all the functions it needs to perform in every steam iron. In addition, steam iron is best selling. In this price cap, they also supply ceramic plates. This can only be overcome by other high-end iron, as it has advanced features like display screen and fabric presets. But you have to go for it if you’re looking for good iron at a very affordable price. You can look at our collection of high-end steam iron evaluations if you are not bound by budgets. You should certainly use the Russell Hobbs 20630 in order to minimalize designs and easy to operate instead of using the frustrating steam iron solutions like Morphy Richards 300253, BREVILLES VIN311.

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